As Karen is semi-retired she is only offering the following services:

Spiritual Counselling through readings

A reading consists of the following and can be done through email as well: a) a clairvoyant palm reading b) tarot cards c) questions with the runes d) Ending with an Angel reading $50.00 (email readings $60.00)

Reiki (Both Usui and Karuna)

A 50 – 60 minute session that will leave you relaxed and stress free. $50.00

Crystal Chakra Cleansing

This is a cleansing of the main 7 chakras in the body. Chakras are energy centers that vibrate at certain levels. If they are out of balance or have taken on negative energy from others they need to be cleansed, this enables you to feel more grounded. $30.00 Past Life Regression This is a therapy that may take anywhere from one to two hours. This therapy takes you into a deep state of meditation where you will be able to explore your past lives and glean whatever information you may need from it to help you in this lifetime. $100.00 GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE. GREAT FOR SHOWERS OR BIRTHDAYS. Prices subject to change without notice.